Plus size dresses choosing tips for full-figured women

Remember that a dress can be your best friend. Many plus size women shy away from dresses because they think they are for the “skinny girls” but it is not true. Every woman’s body has strengths, so just because your clothing is plus-sized doesn’t mean you have to look plus-sized. There are many options for plus sized women who want to appear slimmer while maintaining their own unique sense of style. By choosing a dress of suitable style, cut and color, bigger women can flatter their bodies and look their best. This article with some great tips will help you to choose plus size dresses that flatter and make you appear slimmer.

Plus size Dress Styles

  • A shift dress is a good option for larger women because it has no waist shaping and hangs from the shoulders. It gently drapes over a woman’s curves, rather than clinging to them.
  • Empire waist dress: the waistline begins just below the bust, which helps draw the eye away from problem areas.
  • Wrap dress is a shape that is very compatible with a bigger woman’s body because it is adjustable to any body and hugs the curves very well. Just be sure that there is enough material in the dress to cover your body.
  • Tunic dress also works well for big women because it falls in loose folds around your curves, flattering them instead of emphasizing them.
  • Optical-illusion dress is great design for plus size women. These dresses will make bigger women look slimmer.


  • A black dress will help bigger women appear slimmer; this is true for all darker colors, such as midnight blue, plum and burgundy.
  • Large prints and extremely tiny prints can work against you in accentuating the wrong areas and curves. Horizontal stripes also do not work well. A medium sized pattern, with emphasis at your narrowest point will work best to disguise any problem areas while highlighting your attributes. Vertical pinstripes can also help to streamline and elongate your figure for a flattering effect.


  • Choose a fabric with enough structure to drape loosely around your figure. Satin, silk or a wool blend are good choices. Avoid clingy fabrics, such as jersey.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful for choosing your plus size dresses. Good luck!


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